New footage of Cybertruck pulling an ‘Alien’ tight U-turn is going viral

Some people think the footage is so unbelievable that it was created by CGI.

by | Published on 6th Sep 2023

The Cybertruck is probably North America’s biggest stalking victim right now. 

Everywhere it goes, there are eagle-eyed fans with their phones out capturing its every move. 

Now, the Tesla pickup truck has been filmed doing a U-Turn in a tight suburban cul-de-sac, and even that’s going viral on X.

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Posted to YouTube by mignoramus, the videographer follows the Cybertruck as it cruises along a busy highway in Santa Clara, California. 

The videographer then follows it closely as it makes a bunch of turns through suburban streets, before finding itself at a dead-end. 

It’s the next part of the footage that made its way to X and has since gone viral. 

The Cybertruck driver makes a tight left u-turn in the cul-de-sac, showing off the truck’s turning radius. 

And for a truck this big, it’s actually pretty impressive.

One viewer even described it as “Alien technology”. 

“That rear wheel steer is going to be a lifesaver for that big vehicle in some of these suburbs,” another said. 

Some even thought the footage looked so unrealistic it must have been created by CGI. 

“This has to be CGI,” one man said. 

“It looks so fake. CGI in real life,” another said.

The Cybertruck’s turning circle is proving to be one of the most anticipated features of the EV. 

Last month, separate footage of the Cybertruck doing a U-Turn was described as “gangster”

“Never seen a vehicle of this size do this so nimbly!” Raj said. 

The video went viral, amassing 760,000 views and more than 2,500 likes.

“Incredible how easy and smooth that seems,” one guy said. 

“Four-wheel steering in action! This will also make parking in the garage easier!” another said. 

The final specs and pricing are expected to be revealed at Tesla’s delivery event, but we don’t have a date for that yet. 

Nor do we have an official release date for the truck. 

Or a price. 



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