Crazy footage shows Mustang driver skillfully avoid hitting a McLaren as it fishtails on busy highway

The video shows the Mustang surrounded by cars, including a McLaren when they start fishtailing. The next few seconds make for some pretty wild footage.

by | Published on 5th Sep 2023

This Mustang driver has managed to skillfully regain control of their car after fishtailing on a wet highway. 

The footage, which was captured on DashCam, shows the driver surrounded by cars, including a McLaren, when they lose control. 

And the next couple of seconds make for some pretty wild footage.

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The Mustang suddenly veers into the lane to its left, almost driving head-first into the McLaren. 

Luckily, the driver of the McLaren reacted quickly and swerved out of the way. 

To avoid hitting the supercar, the Mustang driver then pulled the wheel to the right, sending the car flying in the opposite direction.

And in a stroke of good luck, there were no cars to his right when he veered over. 

The Mustang remains out of shot for a second or two, and the driver who captured the footage on their DashCam slows down to give them some more room.

When it reappears, the Mustang driver regains control super quickly and manages to blend back in with the normal speed of traffic. 

Considering how busy the highway was, and the cost of the McLaren to their left, this situation could have ended very differently.

In fact, the driver’s ability to regain control of the fishtailing car and save it from damage was pretty impressive.

The video by BeastCheng garnered quite a bit of attention when it was posted to Reddit, with people questioning how the driver got themselves into that situation to begin with.

“What exactly is causing the car to spin? Too hard on the throttle?” one viewer asked. 

You can watch the crazy footage here!

“Too hard on the throttle, too cold of tires, one or the other, or a combo of both,” someone suggested. 

Another weighed in, saying “I assume traction control must be off. But still, such a sudden and violent loss of grip.”

“Jesus, it broke traction at that speed? That thing must need new tires,” said another. 

One viewer was just shocked the Mustang driver made it out of the situation without any damage or injury. 

“Luckiest man alive,” they said. 



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