Cybertruck spotted hauling tools in an apparent dig at Ford

After being ridiculed as a fad for “Silicon Valley people” and not “for real people who do real work”, the Cybertruck has been spotted hauling actual tools.

by | Published on 5th Sep 2023

The Tesla Cybertruck has been spotted being used as a real working man’s truck. 

Yep, despite being ridiculed by Ford’s CEO as a fad for “Silicon Valley people” and not “for real people who do real work”, the truck has been spotted hauling actual tools.

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The image, which was posted to X by The EV Guy, shows the Cybertruck with a lawnmower, cooler, and a bunch of other practical tools for the ‘real man’. 

True Tesla Cybertruck fans were stoked to see it apparently proving the naysayers wrong. 

“Going to be super funny when all the nerds who think this is a weird fashion accessory see people going down the street with their trucks loaded with trash and yard debris,” OgreTruck said.

Others saw it as little more than a well-thought-out stunt from Tesla. 

“A bunch of lawn chars.. and apparently it’s a truck,” one guy said. 

As hype continues to build for the truck, X is getting spammed with sightings of it right across North America. 

The truck was just photographed waiting at a red light in Palo Alto alongside a group of other popular cars, giving us a brand-new size comparison.

Next to a Tesla Model 3, Mini Cooper, and Mazda, the Cybertruck looks legitimately massive. 

Not only does it tower over all the other cars in height, but it’s significantly longer too. 

It comes after photos were leaked showing the Cybertruck parked next to a Ford F-250.

With competition between Tesla and Ford at an all-time high, the photo caused quite a stir when it popped up online. 

“It’s hilarious to me that people think the bed on the Cybertruck is small when it’s simply an optical illusion. The Cybertruck bed is 6ft plus,” one man said.

“The Cybertruck has much more room because it doesn’t need to have a motor in the front. Also, it has a great approach angle for off-roading,” another said. 

“The Cybertruck might be a tad shorter. There’s a massive amount of room inside the Ford SD crew cab, I’m anticipating the Cybertruck cab to be more the size of an F150,” said a third.



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