Mum has hilarious reaction to self driving Tesla

"My heart is, like, beating fast!"

by | Published on 4th Sep 2023

TikToker Brandon Dierickx shared Tesla’s self-driving experience with his mother and her reaction is priceless.

She can hardly believe what’s going on.

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The clip starts with Brandon’s mother at the wheel of the self driving Tesla, which is actually a figure of speech because she does not, in fact, need to keep her hands on the wheel.

The steering wheel, by the way, is Tesla’s infamous yoke.

The car takes off and Brandon tells him mum to not “touch the gas”, to which she asks whether the car “is gonna stop?”

Good question, we’d be worried about that, too.

Her heart rate goes up when the self driving Tesla takes on a corner, which it can do without any issues at all. “My heart is, like, beating fast,” she says.

We can’t blame her, to be frank.

Tesla first launched its self-driving system, dubbed ‘Autopilot‘, over 10 years ago.

While the early version of Autopilot was basically just a glorified cruise control, the latest upgrade gives it Level 3 and Level 4 self-driving abilities.

And Tesla is working to take it to Level 5.

To clarify, the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) defines six levels of driving automation ranging from Level 0, ie fully manual, to Level 5, which means the car is fully autonomous.

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Capability (FSD), which is currently in Beta, is Level 4, meaning the car can complete an entire journey without the driver.

Tesla’s Autopilot is not available in certain regions due to regulatory reasons but, as you can see from the clip, it sort of works.

In fact, Elon Musk believes Tesla owners could actually use their cars as robotaxis in the future.

Then again, as ever with Musk, we’d probably take his words with a pinch of salt.



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