Tesla Cybertruck just spotted next to Ford F-250 gives the best size comparison yet 

This photo just snapped of a Tesla Cybertruck next to a Ford F-250 gives us the best size comparison yet. And it's igniting a healthy debate online.

by | Published on 23rd Aug 2023

This photo just snapped of a Tesla Cybertruck next to a Ford F-250 is giving us the best size comparison yet. 

Competition between Tesla and Ford has been rife since the Cybertruck was first announced, with many suggesting the EV will be the Ford pick-up truck’s biggest rival. 

The photo, which shows the two cars side by side, is of course igniting a healthy debate online.

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“It’s hilarious to me that people think the bed on the Cybertruck is small when it’s simply an optical illusion. The Cybertruck bed is 6ft plus,” one said.

“The Cybertruck has much more room because it doesn’t need to have a motor in the front. Also, it has a great approach angle for off-roading,” another said. 

“The Cybertruck might be a tad shorter. There’s a massive amount of room inside the Ford SD crew cab, I’m anticipating the Cybertruck cab to be more the size of an F150,” said a third.

The image, which was posted to the Tesla Cybertruck group on Facebook, also proved to stamp out a few ‘myths’ about the long-awaited EV. 

“Whatever happened to ‘you can fit an F-150 in the bed of a Cybertruck’? The wild stories we were once told!” 

Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Ford CEO Jim Farley haven’t done much to end comparisons between the two. 

In fact, they’ve done the opposite. 

Musk took to Twitter earlier this year to post a video of his Cybertruck pulling the F-150 (not the F-250) up a hill in a bizarre tug-of-war

In the video, the Cybertruck had no trouble outperforming the F-150, but the test was ridiculed as “not even close to a fair fight”. 

“All-wheel-drive verse two-wheel-drive. Uphill vs downhill. Big meaty tires with higher friction coefficient vs skinny stock tires. You showed literally zero difference in the vehicles’ performance,” one viewer said.

Oh and who could forget when Musk dressed the Cybertruck up as an F-150?

Ford’s CEO hasn’t been taking it lying down either.

Ford CEO Jim Farley recently took a swipe at the Cybertruck, saying it was designed for “Silicon Valley people”.

“I don’t make trucks like that… I make trucks for real people who do real work, and that’s a different kind of truck,” he said. 

So while the rivalry remains strong, we won’t know how the two really compare until the Cybertruck is actually officially released. 

We wait with bated breath. 



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