Inside the underwater base scientists plan to build where researchers will live for weeks

It looks like a five-star hotel.

by | Published on 5th Sep 2023

A company called DEEP is planning to build an underwater base where researchers could live for weeks.

And don’t be tricked into thinking this is just another soulless base, either.

The interior of the underwater base actually looks like it belongs to a luxury hotel.

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The underwater base would be built roughly 660 feet (200 meters) underwater, and it would be located off the coast of Wales in the UK.

DEEP actually gave the base a name – they call it the ‘Sentinel’.

The Sentinel would serve as an exploratory base where scientists could study marine and creatures that live 200 meters below the surface.

The multi-story base would reserve one level to living accommodation for scientists that live there.

Each ‘room’ features a single bed with storage built in to the frame, a small side table, and a private bathroom with a shower and sink.

You know how airplane bathrooms sometimes look like they were carved from a single block of plastic?

Same basic idea, but more spacious and more comfortable.

Another level would be devoted to the kitchen, a dining area, and a living room with portholes through which you can admire the sea floor.

Lastly, there’s another level that’s dedicated to work.

This is where the magic, apologies we mean science, happens.

DEEP says the atmosphere of the base is designed for researchers but it is also ready for one-day visits from media professionals and academics without diving qualifications.

Obviously, due to factors relating to sunlight, oxygen and underwater pressure, the maximum amount of time anyone is allowed to live there would be 28 days.

After 28 days, the entire crew would go back to the surface, and they would be replaced by a different group of scientists for another 28 days.

Rinse and repeat.



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