New footage gives us our best look at Cybertruck’s ‘frunk’ as they’re spotted being shipped out

The leaked footage is getting people even more riled up online.

by | Published on 1st Sep 2023

New footage is giving us our best look yet at the Cybertruck’s frunk. 

The footage appears to have been taken secretly as Tesla employees loaded a number of Cybertrucks onto the back of a Tesla Semi.

After sharing it to X, it’s now getting fans of the truck even more riled up.

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In the video, which is just a few seconds long, we see a couple of employees standing in front of the frunk and checking it out. 

And using the three men as a size comparison, the frunk looks pretty huge. 

“Lucky to see the frunk, it should be very useful,” @KewellXi said alongside their footage.

Cybertruck frunk
X / Twitter

“That’s a good size frunk,” one guy said, while another described it as “the widest frunk in the industry”. 

“The frunk does look bigger here, very wide,” another said. 

“Did you get arrested after? Lol this is some savage findings,” said a third.

With two men appearing to hold the frunk open in the video, it also suggests the truck, or this particular vehicle at least, lacks struts or springs to hold it open.

The footage comes just days after a drone captured employees closing and taping the frunk on the back of a lorry. 

“Why are these folks being so cautious with the Cybertruck frunk?” one X user asked. 

“Fragile materials? Disconnected latch electronics?”

The post prompted some speculation, with people guessing that the frunks needed to be taped down because Tesla perhaps hadn’t finalized the build yet. 

There were different theories thrown out there too. 

“Seems like maybe the latches aren’t working properly, it’s strange they all seem to be taped,” one said. 

“I’m going with disconnected electronics. Looks like pushing against electronic hydraulics,” another said.

The Cybertruck has been spotted on the back of lorry trucks right across North America, suggesting Elon Musk is close to the big launch. 

The final specs and pricing are expected to be revealed at the delivery event, but we don’t have a date for that yet. 

Nor do we have an official release date for the truck or a price. 



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