Woman shares tips on how to escape from a car underwater

She says there are three things to bear in mind to quickly get out of danger.

by | Published on 4th Sep 2023

The thought of getting trapped in a car underwater is enough to give you cold sweats. 

Fortunately, car sinking accidents are far less common than road accidents.

But that doesn’t mean knowing what to do to escape the situation wouldn’t come in useful.

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Thankfully, a woman has posted a rather handy video to TikTok showing exactly what you need to do. 

In the video, Chequanxiaoqiao says there are three things to bear in mind to quickly get out of danger.

First and foremost, forget your valuables – time’s precious.

Before the water starts overflowing the car’s windows, you should try and open the door to escape.

But, if the water’s already overflowed the window, you’re not going to be able to open the door due to the water pressure.

The car’s electronics probably won’t work either, as they will have short-circuited due to water ingress.

That’s why Chequanxiaoqiao suggests breaking the window and escaping quickly.

You won’t be able to break the glass by kicking it, though, as it’s far too hard.

Instead, she recommends removing a headrest and inserting the sharp part into the corner of the window.

If you pry it up hard enough, it should cause it to shatter, and you can then use the headrest to punch away the broken glass.

Her next tip is what to do when the car’s fully filled with water.

With the water pressure the same inside as it is outside the car, she suggests taking a quick breath and opening the door to escape.

If the door cannot be opened, it’s her third tip you’re going to need to implement.

Because the engine is at the front of the car – unless you drive a supercar of course – its the heaviest part which will sink first.


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That’s why she suggests climbing into the back of the car where you need to put down the rear seat and climb into the trunk.

Usually, located somewhere in the truck is a switch which can be operated to manually open it from the inside.

Obviously, you need to know where this switch is located, so it’s probably best to familiairse yourself first.

Fingers crossed you never have to use any of these methods, but they’re handy to know should you find yourself in a sticky situation.



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