Man returns to panic-inducing fee after accidentally leaving his car in airport parking for 8 months

People are telling him to ditch his car and buy a brand new one for the same price.

by | Published on 4th Sep 2023

This guy accidentally left his car in airport parking for eight months and the fee is, as you can imagine, panic-inducing.

Ramin Dja parked his car at the Frankfurt Airport in Germany before flying overseas.  

When he returned to Germany after a longer-than-expected trip, he wasn’t just greeted by the cold weather.

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Realizing his mistake, Ramin hesitantly films himself as he redeems the parking ticket, knowing full well he’s in for an unpleasant surprise. 

And when the number flashes up on the screen, it doesn’t disappoint. 

In fact, it’s so big that a lot of people might be tempted to just walk away, ditch their car and buy a new one.

When he inserted his ticket, he learned he owed an eye-watering €12,967.50. 

That’s about USD $14,000 just for parking. 

You could buy a brand new Chevrolet Spark, Mitsubishi Mirage or Nissan Versa for that kind of money. 

But we don’t think this driver’s going to opt for that because the car he left at the airport was actually far far more expensive than that. 

Ramin Dja parked his Rolls-Royce at the airport and says he totally forgot about it. 

Imagine that, forgetting where you parked your Rolls-Royce. 

Unsurprisingly, the ticket price had people’s jaws on the floor. 

“About 1.5k a month, you can rent an apartment for that price,” one said. 

“Time to pull the fire alarm and get out while they panic to evacuate everyone,” another said.

Others actually left some pretty helpful advice. 

“Click ‘I lost my ticket’, and you’ll pay €15,” they said. 

Another said the same, telling him he should “say you’ve lost your ticket and pay a full day”,” another said. “.

One viewer offered a suggestion for how to get out of paying for the ticket altogether.

“Bro, just go get a new ticket then use that to get out, it’s free,” they said. 

Others weren’t too concerned for the driver given what he was driving. 

“With a Rolls-Roce I think 12k is not a big issue,” they said. 



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