India space agency shares new footage of lunar rover ‘playfully frolicking’ on South Pole of Moon 

The Indian space agency is taking us along for an epic ride.

by | Published on 1st Sep 2023

India’s space agency has shared incredible new footage of the lunar rover ‘frolicking’ on the Moon. 

Since landing on the Moon’s South Pole last Wednesday, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has been taking us along for an epic ride. 

The agency has shared never-before-seen parts of the Moon and made hugely exciting discoveries.

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Now, the ISRO is sharing incredible new footage of the Chandrayaan-3 mission’s little Pragyan rover spinning. 

Taking to X, the ISRO likened the rover to “a child playfully frolicking in the yards of Chandamama, while the mother watches affectionately”. 

Chandamama is an affectionate name for the Moon in Hindi and other regional languages. 

It’s a cute sentiment and a sentence we’ll likely never see posted by NASA.

You can watch it here!

The footage actually shows the rover rotating in search of a safe route on the Moon’s surface. 

It reportedly needed to find a new path after discovering a huge four-meter-wide crater in the Moon’s surface.

You can see that here:

The footage comes just a day after the ISRO shared epic first photos of its Vikram lander. 

The black and white images were taken by the camera on board the little rover.

Pictured here:

Since landing on the Moon’s South Pole on August 23, the Chandrayaan-3 mission has made some pretty significant discoveries. 

Aside from the four-meter-wide crater, the ISRO confirmed it discovered sulfur on the Moon. 

Not only that, but several other elements were detected too including aluminum, iron, calcium, chromium, titanium, manganese, oxygen, and silicon. 

The discoveries were actually made while the rover was in search for signs of frozen water. 

The space agency hopes that discovering water on the Moon could help future astronaut missions as a potential source of drinking water or even rocket fuel. 

The Indian Space Research Agency made history last week when it announced it had successfully landed on the Moon’s South Pole. 

In doing so, India became the first country to ever land on the South Pole, and the fourth country to land on the Moon at all. 



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