India’s lunar rover comes across an unexpected obstacle on the South Pole of Moon

And it's much bigger than expected.

by | Published on 30th Aug 2023

India’s lunar rover is coming across unexpected obstacles during its mission to the South Pole of the Moon. 

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) revealed that the Cahngdrayaan-3’s Pragyaan rover came across a large crater measuring four meters in diameter.

ISRO shared the news on Twitter along with photos of the huge crater. 

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According to the post, India’s lunar rover “then commanded to retrace its pace”.

“It’s now safely heading on a new path,” the statement added. 

The mission is the first time humanity has explored the South Pole of the Moon. 

ISRO has already sent back some mind-blowing photos and videos from the lunar surface. 

The craziest part of the trip is that it ‘only’ cost around $75 million for India to put the rover on the Moon.

That’s impressive, given the fact that’s half of what it would cost to make a blockbuster movie.

Remember Insterstellar starring Matt Damon and Matthew McConaughey?

Well, that particular movie cost $165 million to make.

Imagine that.

ISRO also shared observations from the temperature of the lunar topsoil around the Moon’s pole which was collected by the rover. 

The data will be used to help us understand the thermal behavior of the Moon’s surface. 

Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, announced over the weekend that August 23 will be celebrated as ‘National Space Day’ to mark the day the rover touched down on the Moon. 

He also announced that the spot where India’s lunar rover touched down would be known as ‘Shiv Shakti Point’. 

The site where its predecessor, the Chandrayaan-2, crash-landed has also been named ‘Tiranga Point’. 

It seems like the space race is back in fashion, with NASA also working on mini moon rovers too

This time though, it’s India who have won the race to the South Pole of the Moon.



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