Woman reveals iPhone hack that could save your life in an emergency

'Everyone set this up ASAP, this could save your life'.

by | Published on 5th Sep 2023

This woman just revealed an iPhone hack that could save your life in an emergency. 

After learning that her group of friends had never heard of it, this woman took to TikTok to share it with the world. 

And she was legitimately shocked at how few people knew about it.

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The host of StoriesOfTikTok said she was “constantly scared about getting kidnapped”, describing it as her “biggest fear”. 

Because of this fear, she said she was always prepared for an emergency. 

“If you have an iPhone and you click the power button five times, it goes into an emergency response system,” she said. 

“It says Emergency SOS and if you let it go and don’t press cancel, it automatically calls emergency services. 

“And you can set up your emergency people and it will automatically send them a message that you need help and will send them your location.” 

Shockingly, a bunch of viewers had no idea their phone had this function. 

But some did, and revealed they found out the hard way.

iPhone hack

“I did this when I was trying to snooze my alarm and I woke up to the 911 operator,” another said. 

One woman said she unfortunately knew all about the iPhone hack because “my toddler loves this feature”. 

There were also plenty of people pointing out that Android phones had a similar, but slightly different feature.

“Just tested and my Samsung does the same thing,” one said. 

“Androids do the same but there is an insanely loud alarm that goes off at the same time, like crazy loud,” another said. 

If your iPhone doesn’t do this, you can set up the function easily. 

Go to settings, search for Emergency SOS, then turn on ‘call with 5 presses’.

And voila, you’re prepared for a kidnapping or a particularly scary ride at Disney.



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