Apple fans are divided over this iPhone 15 feature

People are worried about this.

by | Published on 1st Sep 2023

People are excited about the upcoming iPhone 15 despite the fact the price might rise significantly.

And now they’re divided over a new iPhone 15 feature that some users think is “unfair”.

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The upcoming Apple event, dubbed ‘Wonderlust‘, will almost certainly reveal the new iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro.

It’s scheduled for September 12 so we’ll find out soon enough, but in the meantime, a disconcerting rumor is making people go mad.

It seems that both the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Max are going to be stuck with a 60 Hz refresh rate, as opposed to the 15 Pro and Pro Max’s 120 Hz.

In short, this downgrades the phone’s ability to display a certain type of content.

For example, a YouTube video would be playable with the best possible quality on the iPhone Pro.

But this wouldn’t be possible with the ‘base’, non-Pro models.

Some people aren’t having it.

“I really hope this iPhone 15 rumor isn’t true, you deserve better,” TechRadar’s Alex Walker-Todd said.

“Please Apple – don’t do this to the iPhone 15,” MC’s editor Roland Moore-Coyler added.

And it’s not just industry experts either.

“Nothing justifies the 60hz display on the upcoming iPhone 15,” a Twitter / X user said.

“The only thing that sucks about the iPhone 15 is the 60 Hz refresh rate,” another user wrote.

But not everyone’s concerned.

Other users pointed out that people just don’t care.

“The vast majority of people don’t notice a difference and it gives them limited/no benefit,” a Twitter / X user pointed out.

“Having 60 Hz on a phone is not a dealbreaker for 99 percent of consumers,” Ian Zelbo added.

Either way, we’ll find out soon enough.



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