Bugatti Mistral receives golden touch ahead of Monterey Car Week

Bugatti is about to unveil not one but two gold cars at Monterey Car Week.

by | Published on 16th Aug 2023

Bugatti is bringing the good stuff to California, unveiling not one but two gold cars at Monterey Car Week.

In addition to the one-off Chiron Golden Era, the French-Croatian automaker is also bringing another gold car to the event.

It’s the new Mistral, and it looks fantastic.

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Both the Mistral and the Chiron Golden Era are designed to showcase what you can do with Bugatti’s bespoke program called ‘Sur Mesure’, which is French for ‘Custom Made’.

The new Bugatti Mistral is painted in a brilliant coat of gold.

Gold was also used for the engine cover and interior.

The seats and the dashboard are adorned with gold and black leather upholstery.

Only 99 Mistrals will ever be made, but this will be the only one in gold.

The Mistral is a big deal for Bugatti because it will be the automaker’s last model to feature the iconic 8.0-liter, quad-turbo W16 engine.

That’s the one that’s capable of delivering 1,600+ horsepower.

What type of engine is the next Bugatti going to use? We don’t know for sure, but it won’t be a W16 or possibly even a V8.

This is because around two years ago Bugatti was acquired by Croatian EV supermarker Rimac.

Mate Rimac, the new CEO of Bugatti after the merger, has vowed to keep using gas engines for as long as they can, so we know that the next Bugatti is unlikely going to be electric.

However, he also said that all future Bugatti models will use smaller, hybrid engines instead of the massive W16.

The $5 million ‘golden’ Mistral was created as a one-off for a mysterious Bugatti collector.

The car will be showcased and revealed to the public at The Quail, a motorsport gathering that’s part of the Monterey Car Week.

If you happen to be in California on August 18, you can head to Pebble Beach in Monterey County, to check out the beautiful gold tone Bugatti Mistral ‘in the metal’.



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