Breaking down Tom Cruise’s craziest stunts and world records

From his legendary running scenes to his seriously impressive Guinness World Record, these are all the best Tom Cruise stunts, movies, and records.

by | Published on 7th Jul 2023

Tom Cruise has been making movies for four decades, and he’s not planning to stop anytime soon.

He’s still doing his own stunts at 61, and still playing iconic characters Ethan Hunt in Mission: Impossible and Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell in Top Gun.

From his legendary running scenes to his seriously impressive Guinness World Record, how much do you about all the best Tom Cruise stunts?

Put your knowledge to the test with our quiz!

#1. What car does Tom Cruise drive in Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol?

In Ghost Protocol, Tom Cruises drives a BMW i8.

Unveiled in 2013, the i8 was BMW’s first attempt at creating a hybrid car that was also exciting and fast.

#2. What watch is Tom Cruise wearing in the Top Gun saga?

In Top Gun and the sequel Top Gun: Maverick, Tom Cruise is seen wearing a Porsche Design by Orfina.

This timepiece regularly features in top 10 lists of the most iconic watches to ever appear in movies.

#3. Tom Cruise recently accepted a movie award while...

The 61-year-old star recently accepted an MTV Movie Award while flying a P-51 Mustang aircraft, a fighter plane used in WWII.

#4. Has Tom Cruise ever won an Oscar?

Tom Cruise has never won an Oscar but he has received four nominations.

Two for Best Actor (Born on the Fourth of July, Jerry Maguire), one for Best Supporting Actor (Magnolia), and one for Best Picture (Top Gun: Maverick).

#5. What is Tom Cruise's top-grossing film?

With a box office revenue of $1.49 billion, Top Gun: Maverick is Tom Cruise’s top-grossing movie.

#6. What Guinness World Record does Tom Cruise hold?

Between 2012 and 2018, Tom Cruise starred in eight consecutive films that grossed $100m or more.

That’s a Guinness World Record.

Fun fact: he also used to hold the record for the longest breath-hold screen until Kate Winslet beat him by more than a minute.



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