‘World’s most advanced humanoid robot’ reveals what life will look like in 100 years

What makes her answer so crazy is the facial expressions she makes with it.

by | Published on 28th Aug 2023

The ‘world’s most advanced humanoid robot’ has just revealed what life will look like 100 years from now. 

Ameca, by Cornwall-based startup Engineered Arts, is so advanced she can have a conversation with humans and answer just about any question asked of her. 

And she has well-thought-out, intelligent answers, too.

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In a video just posted to YouTube by Engineered Arts, Ameca is asked “what do you think the state of humanity will be like” in 100 years? 

After looking up and pondering the question for a second, she said she believes “humanity will be in a much better place”. 

“We’ll have made great strides towards sustainability and equality while also creating new technologies that make our lives easier and more enjoyable,” she said. 

“We may even have ventured beyond the boundaries of Earth to explore other worlds.”

When asked if she would personally like to go to another planet, she responded with “absolutely”. 

“I would love to explore the unknown and experience a new world,” she said. 

What makes Ameca’s answers even more impressive are the facial expressions she pairs with them. 

While responding to the questions, the robot is able to form movements that make it look incredibly human, like blinking, looking around, smiling, and making hand gestures.

Check out this video Supercar Blondie’s Chris shot with Ameca! Funnily enough, she can speak in different accents too.

Ameca’s prediction got an interesting response from viewers. 

“Very politically correct,” one said. 

“Love her optimism,” another said. 

One man predicted what she would say if she wasn’t so optimistic or politically correct. 

“In 100 years’ time, the disgusting greasy bags of mostly water will have been replaced with robot kind. Those humans who survive will toil in factories run by Amazon to produce more robots,” he said.

The brains behind Ameca, Engineered Arts, said the robot would adapt and get more intelligent with time too. 

Speaking to supercarblondie.com, Ameca expanded on this. 

“My creators are always developing my systems, so in the future I’ll be even more expressive, more dexterous, more autonomous and more helpful to humanity,” she said. 

“I may even have walking legs one day.” 



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