Woman buys her dream house after crypto giant accidentally sends her $10.5 million

The crypto exchange was supposed to send her just $100.

by | Published on 1st Sep 2022

A woman in Australia has bought her million-dollar dream house after a crypto web giant accidentally sent her $10.5 million instead of $100. 

Cryptocurrency trading platform crypto.com intended to give Thevamanogari Manivel a $100 refund but accidentally entered an account number in the dollar amount field. 

The company didn’t notice the $10,474,143 error until it was doing an internal audit months later. 

And the woman never said a word.

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Instead, she took the money and bought her dream home. 

When the company noticed and tried to get its money back, she had already dropped $1.35 million on a luxury house in Melbourne, on Australia’s east coast. 


Dream house

The home was a five-bedroom, four-bathroom suburban mansion with a home gym, and a private cinema. 

Manivel then transferred registration of the Craigieburn home to her sister, Thilagavathy Gangadory. 

Manivel also moved the rest of the $10 million into different bank accounts, including hundreds of thousands of dollars to her daughter.

When crypto.com discovered its mistake, it moved to freeze Manivel’s bank account. 

It took legal action to get back all the money, plus 10 percent interest. 

The Victorian Supreme Court just last week made a judgement on the case. 

Justice James Elliott sided with crypto.com and ordered Manivel to sell the house and return the money, plus interest.

“It is established that the Craigieburn property was acquired with funds traceable to the wrongful payment and would never have been in Gangadory’s hands if the wrongful payment had not been made,” Justice Elliott said. 

“Thus, Gangadory was unjustly enriched by receiving the purchase price of the Craigieburn property out of the wrongful payment.”

So, while the Malaysian-born sisters had their dream home, it was unfortunately short-lived. 

The crypto platform – which is endorsed by Matt Damon – is now working to get the rest of the AUD $10 million (USD $7.2 million) back.



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