Donald Trump’s NFT collection is dividing the internet

The former president has launched the collection to promote his 2024 Presidential bid.

by | Published on 16th Dec 2022

Former US President Donald Trump has just launched a new NFT collection and the internet has opinions.

We have to give him credit, though because, if nothing else, these NFTs definitely have people talking.

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In each Donald Trump NFT, his face is attached to a different body.

You’ve got astronaut Trump, cowboy Trump, Nascar driver Trump.

And then of course you have superhero Trump.


In one of these NFTs, possibly the most impressive, the ex-president is standing in front of the Trump Tower, ripping his shirt off to reveal a superhero suit.

And of course he’s got laser eyes.

Knowing Trump, it’s entirely possible he actually created these NFTs unironically.

And there’s more.

Every person who buys at least 45 Donald Trump NFTs will get a ticket to a dinner with the former president.

The collection is believed to be part of Donald Trump’s upcoming presidential campaign.

Not that long ago, Trump announced he was formally entering the 2024 presidential race.

Many slammed Trump for the timing as NFTs are not exactly hot at the moment.

However, the former president had the last laugh because his NFTs sold out in a matter of hours.

Following the release of the trading cards, people have taken to Twitter in droves to share their opinion.

Some even revealed issues with the cards after purchase.

While hundreds mocked the former president for the launch, some defended him, saying there was more to the cards than what met the eye.

About NFTs

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token.

In short, an NFT is a unique digital asset that can’t be duplicated or altered.

During the 2021 crypto bull run, NFTs became hugely popular and expensive.

However, due to the ongoing 2022 crypto bear market, many have become virtually worthless.

Some people simply call them ‘overpriced JPEGs’, while others believe there may be value beyond the hype.

This is because anything can be turned into NFTs, not just images.

For example, music artists could turn their records into NFTs.

This would help them safeguard their authenticity and combat piracy.

NFTs can also be used for web domains, IDs and certificate of authenticity for physical goods.



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