Supercar owners reveal how they afford their crazy expensive cars

If you've got aspirations to own a luxury car it might help to know exactly what supercar owners did to make their dream car a reality.

by | Published on 2nd Aug 2023

If you’ve got aspirations to be a Supercar owner it might help to establish what others did to make their dream ride a reality.

So to find out, Supercar Blondie’s Alex Hirschi went straight to the source: the valet parking of a five-star hotel in Dubai.

A driver wearing head-to-toe Dior is the first to be approached as she climbs in her $210K Porsche 911 Turbo.

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Is she in global hedge funds? An international lawyer? Maybe she’s jetting off all over the world sealing million-dollar deals in business?

The answer, it turns out, is quite literally a little closer to home.

“I’m a full-time mom of three kids – I’ve never worked a day in my life,” she said.

Seems being a mom can be super rewarding.

A McLaren 720S is next to pull up, worth a whopping $300K.

When the driver is asked what she does for a living she reveals she runs a luxury event company.

“We do some good events,” she said. Where do we sign up for an invite?

Next, a Giallo Auge yellow Lamborghini Urus, that will set you back a cool $200K, rolls up.

“You have an awesome Urus – I love it, it’s beautiful,” Alex says.

And in answer to that all-important question, she says she’s a doctor.

But when pressed further, her love of beautiful things makes more sense.

“Are you in plastic surgery?” Alex asks.

“We are – we make everything look better!”

A McLaren 650S Spider worth $285K is next on the radar as the driver winds down her window to chat.

“You’re so young!” Alex says, which gets a laugh.

“I’m actually a health and fitness influencer” she says in response to the question.

“And this just helps to perk up your Instagram pics, right?” quips Alex.

“It definitely does,” she said.

Next is a car that Alex should probably recognise.

The Supercar Blondie intern rolls up in the boss’ Rolls Royce Wraith (worth more than $400K).

When she tells the camera she’s interning with SCB, Alex jokingly says “nice – good gig!” and they part ways with a fist bump.

Another familiar face – Alex’s sister is next to pull up in a somewhat more modest and out-of-place Suzuki Jimy clocking in at £13,650.

“This actually isn’t even my car- it’s yours,” she says.

“I work for you. You don’t pay me anything. I can’t even afford a car.”

“Get out of here – this is for supercars only,” Alex claps back.

Next on the forecourt, a Lamborghini Urus Mansory worth $550K pulls up, eliciting a ‘holy moly’ from Alex.

The driver’s job? “TV and a lot of promotion,” she says.

Yet another Lamborghini Urus at $200K – this time in the exotically named shade of Blu Notte – revs into frame.

While the driver appears to swerve the question about her profession she reveals she’s in real estate.

She says she studied ‘finance and banking’ as she throws her head back laughing and confirming: “It is helpful.”

You can watch the full vid here!

Next up in the convoy of supercar owners is a McLaren 570S worth $210K with butterfly doors.

“I’m a Pilates instructor,” she says.

Last but not least on the roster is a $150K Ferrari California.

Its driver says she was a lawyer but is “now retired”.

“Just now I’m enjoying my life, drinking champagne – sometimes wine,” she says as she hurries off.